We had a baby




Does anyone come here anymore

I promise, more posts to come.  lots of exciting stuff happening in the life of Lisandan!

Brucey Dog

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I Miss Dan

Dan is in New York right now and I miss you Dan. I love you so much. You are the best thing that ever happened to me in my life, and I love our life together. My perfect day begins with looking at your handsome face and brucey dog pacing around and looking at us while we wake up. Then I would make you that great breakfast you loved so much of bacon, swiss cheese fried egg and toast. Then you and me and brucey dog would go for a walk. We would laugh at Brucey and admire how handsome he is. And how ugly all the other dogs are compared to him. {and if anyone reads that last sentence and thinks we are being serious then you probably aren’t really our friend and are in fact a complete stranger who keeps leaving comments with links to porn sites}. Then we would have lunch of maybe pizza or pasta or McDonalds, and then we would watch an episode of Columbo while we cuddle on the couch. Then we could have a game of scrabble and you could be really ahead of me, and then I could ask you to please use the letter ‘L’ somewhere on the right hand side of the board {not there… somewhere with space for 6 letters after it} and then let me spell ‘Fluoride’ and let me get 50 bonus points. Then you would check that its spelt right. And it was. But you would still beat me anyway because you are so smart.

Then I would get tired around 7.30 and we would start watching the Biggest Loser and talk about how we are going to become really fit like Gillian and give up coca-cola. And we would open a can and say ‘this is our last one EVER.’ Then we would get into bed during the commercial break because we are tired and I would fall asleep and you would watch it til the end and tell me who lost 15 lbs in the morning. And as we fall asleep we can hear Brucey sleeping too.

I love you Dan I miss you.

What’s new in the daily lives of lisandan!

Yes, lisandan, it’s one word now. It has done nothing but rain, rain, rain here in Marin for the past month. Every day I have had to put Brucey’s rain coat on him everytime he needs to pee. We went to New York at the beginning of the month which was fun, and we are about to go again, tonight. This morning I passed my American written driving test, so I can finally get my California driving license. Which is a good job, as Dan bought a second car for us to drive. It’s a stick, and we spent several ‘happy’ hours in a car park whilst I tried to teach Dan how to drive manual. Dan wondered several times how I could ever have successfully taught children basic manners when I failed to patiently teach Dan how to shift into second gear. ‘JUST EASE UP ON THE CLUTCH AND SLOWLY MEET THE GAS PEDAL AND CLUTCH TOGETHER IN THE MIDDLE!” I shouted for the twentieth time. Dan asked me if I could learn to play the guitar with a simple straight forward lesson. ‘Yes!’ I snapped.

When we got home Dan put his guitar in my arms and taught me two chords. “Now strum them” he said. ‘Erm…You were right! I give up!’ I said after failing miserably. ‘Do you really mean that or are you just saying that.’ he asked. I told him it was my nails. Then after he made me cut my nails I told him that it was my brain. {My brain - a neurologist in San Anselmo took away my driving license after I fainted and I am now fighting to get it back}

We are excited for February, we are going to the hotel where we got engaged for Valentines Day, and then we fly to London at the end of the Month. We are very sad to leave Brucey for two whole weeks but we are looking forward to meeting our new niece. Keep checking in as we are re designing the site. By we, I mean Dan.

January is over! Hurrah! We can’t wait for Spring.

Guest Room

Sorry for the delay on updating this site.  We’ll be doing a redesign soon with many pictures of our new home. In the mean time, here is a picture of our guest room. If you ever decide to visit, which we encourage, this will be your room!


Happy New Year!

We volunteered tonight at the local Retirement Community Home. When we arrived the bemused receptionist said ‘Party? What Party?’ when we asked her what direction we should take. ‘Erm, the New years Eve Party’ we said. ‘Try the end of the corridor’ she suggested. At the end of the corridor we found about twenty residents awaiting the grand opening of the double doors to the concert hall. A sign proclaimed ‘Happy New Year! Ring in the New Year with a Party in the Ballroom from 6-9′  They tried to tell everyone they were celebrating ‘New York’s New Year’. IF they had been smarter they would have celebrated London’s and everyone would have been tucked up in bed by 7pm. {Thats the time we usually go to bed anyway}.

Dan was quite the catch of the evening. Given that there were about 30 women to every man, every smart lady there wanted a dance with him. As I stood and watched him offer his arm to these ladies, I  thought to myself ‘How lucky I am to be married to him.’ Not because everyone wanted to dance with him, but because he was happy to oblige.

Happy New Year!

Hey, there, Brucey dog! Running through the house so fancy free!


Our first house, dog & christmas tree