Happy New Year!

We volunteered tonight at the local Retirement Community Home. When we arrived the bemused receptionist said ‘Party? What Party?’ when we asked her what direction we should take. ‘Erm, the New years Eve Party’ we said. ‘Try the end of the corridor’ she suggested. At the end of the corridor we found about twenty residents awaiting the grand opening of the double doors to the concert hall. A sign proclaimed ‘Happy New Year! Ring in the New Year with a Party in the Ballroom from 6-9′  They tried to tell everyone they were celebrating ‘New York’s New Year’. IF they had been smarter they would have celebrated London’s and everyone would have been tucked up in bed by 7pm. {Thats the time we usually go to bed anyway}.

Dan was quite the catch of the evening. Given that there were about 30 women to every man, every smart lady there wanted a dance with him. As I stood and watched him offer his arm to these ladies, I  thought to myself ‘How lucky I am to be married to him.’ Not because everyone wanted to dance with him, but because he was happy to oblige.

Happy New Year!

4 Responses to “Happy New Year!”

  1. Stuart Says:

    What a delightfully helpful pair you are! Hope to see more of you in 2008, happy new year!

  2. katie Says:

    you two are gorgeous, what a lovely thing to do! xxxxxx

  3. Anonymous Says:

    so what else have you two been up to since new year? i want an update on lisandan!!

  4. katie Says:

    ooh that was from me!! not anon.

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