I Miss Dan

Dan is in New York right now and I miss you Dan. I love you so much. You are the best thing that ever happened to me in my life, and I love our life together. My perfect day begins with looking at your handsome face and brucey dog pacing around and looking at us while we wake up. Then I would make you that great breakfast you loved so much of bacon, swiss cheese fried egg and toast. Then you and me and brucey dog would go for a walk. We would laugh at Brucey and admire how handsome he is. And how ugly all the other dogs are compared to him. {and if anyone reads that last sentence and thinks we are being serious then you probably aren’t really our friend and are in fact a complete stranger who keeps leaving comments with links to porn sites}. Then we would have lunch of maybe pizza or pasta or McDonalds, and then we would watch an episode of Columbo while we cuddle on the couch. Then we could have a game of scrabble and you could be really ahead of me, and then I could ask you to please use the letter ‘L’ somewhere on the right hand side of the board {not there… somewhere with space for 6 letters after it} and then let me spell ‘Fluoride’ and let me get 50 bonus points. Then you would check that its spelt right. And it was. But you would still beat me anyway because you are so smart.

Then I would get tired around 7.30 and we would start watching the Biggest Loser and talk about how we are going to become really fit like Gillian and give up coca-cola. And we would open a can and say ‘this is our last one EVER.’ Then we would get into bed during the commercial break because we are tired and I would fall asleep and you would watch it til the end and tell me who lost 15 lbs in the morning. And as we fall asleep we can hear Brucey sleeping too.

I love you Dan I miss you.

3 Responses to “I Miss Dan”

  1. virginia norris Says:

    what the hell is swiss cheese fried egg?! it sounds like something I am missing out on!!

  2. anonymous (gg) Says:

    Gillian could kick my ass!

  3. lisa Says:

    you know i was pregnant when i wrote this and didnt even know ….

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