Its a Bruce Love-In


Even though he has bitten through my jeans, pooped on our new rug {not the wedding gift, don’t worry if you contributed to that}, peed all over the floor and committed the cardinal sin of waking me up before I have had my full 11 hours of sleep {anyone who knows me well will know that I’m very grumpy if I haven’t had a good nights sleep} we still love him. Maybe its because he does this cute thing of walking in slow motion like Michael Jackson. Maybe its because he is always happy to see us when we come home from work even though we have left him alone for hours. Maybe its because he is so snuggly and warm to cuddle up to. Maybe its because he is simply the best looking darn dog we have ever seen in our lives. We don’t know why, but maybe these pictures will help explain why we can’t stop boring everyone to death about Bruce Springsteen.


Another Bruce Springsteen Post.

I know, so many posts about the dog. We’re just excited. Hopefully soon we’ll finish unpacking our house and have other photos to post! But instead of unpacking this weekend we played with the dog. oh well… there is always next weekend.



His Name is Bruce Springsteen!


Yes, you heard that correctly.  We just got a new dog in the family.  Bruce Springsteen Gardner!

We’re Moving!!!


(picture looks best not in firefox for some reason, looking to figure out how to fix that)

We are moving over the Golden Gate Bridge to Mill Valley. Our first house together. Everyone is welcome to visit!

Hello World!

Just wanted to see if people are checking our blog.  more posts coming soon!

Happy Birthday Dear Dan!


It’s Dan’s Birthday Today!!!!!

It is Dan’s birthday today and he is 28 years old! Happy Birthday Dan!

Dan looking incredibly handsome

Rest In Peace

My Grandmother passed away last week, at home.

I am so glad that Dan took the opportunity to meet her in Northern Ireland last year, and that she could see how wonderful he is, and that he could see how special she was. I am so thankful that she knows I am married to such a wonderful man. It is her funeral tomorrow, September 11th in Portavogie, Co Down. Unfortunately, travel restrictions made it difficult to be there, but we will be thinking of you, Nanny, and we love you.